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Youtooz: Cheesing Kenny - Vinyl Figure Collectible Action

Youtooz: Cheesing Kenny - Vinyl Figure Collectible Action

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Youtooz: Cheesing Kenny Collectible Vinyl Action Figure - 3.4" - from TV Show South Park

About this item

  • Youtooz South Park Cheesing Kenny: South Park Cheesing Kenny vinyl figure stands at 3.4 inches, wearing his infamous orange hoodie, although it is a bit disheveled, with only his eyes showing. Under his eyes is a yellow "cheese" looking stain and his eyeballs are looking in 2 different directions. Accompanying South Park Kenny on his right is a brown cat with pink ears.
  • Youtooz South Park Custom Packaging: The exterior of Kenny's double-walled window box shows a dark interior with metal walls and cats roaming around the place. The interior is the South Park logo repeating on a grayscale pattern. The Youtooz South Park protective sleeve shows Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and Kyle peeking in from the corners on top of a black background.
  • Youtooz Kenny South Park Collectible: This 3.4 inch Kenny South Park vinyl figure collectible is made with smooth & durable vinyl to ensure long shelf life.
  • Youtooz South Park Action Figure: The South Park action figures collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective sleeve.
  • Youtooz South Park Gifts: This Youtooz South Park Cheesing Kenny collectible is the perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of the popular cartoon South Park. Collect them all: Good Times With Weapons Cartman, Cartman Brah, Cheesing Kenny, Good Times with Weapons Kenny, Good Times with Weapons Stan, and Grandpa Marsh! All sold separately.


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